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Event Itineraries Tailored for You

Sail with our team of cruise experts so you can focus on what’s most important to your gathering: Results!

As the recognized industry leader in designing events that are perfectly customized for your individual organization, here’s what sets Pollin Group apart:

  • Every event that sails with Pollin Group is unique.
  • Our dedicated team of cruise and event planners will create the perfect event for your gathering—always with a smile and fully attentive to your needs.
  • We’ll tailor specific meeting spaces and event venues to meet all your requirements.
  • Pollin Group will also take the helm on unique private functions and shore excursions.
  • We guarantee a commitment to deliver on-time, on-budget with outstanding value.

The result? A memorable and truly one-of-a-kind experience!



Examples of Events

Corporate Meetings

Teamwork and Partnership at a New Level

Today’s modern cruise ships with which Pollin Group partners, feature the very best in conference and meeting facilities, delivering an array of amenities that your participants will absolutely love.

What’s more, a cruise ship environment helps build relationships, spurs teamwork, sparks innovative thinking, increases company loyalty and provides a tangible return on your investment.

Corporate Retreats

Tap Into a New Perspective

Sail far away from the demands of daily life to invite your group members to focus on the big picture. They’ll get an entirely new perspective – inspired by a beautiful setting at sea –with all cruise amenities artfully arranged by our expert planners.

Retreats at sea are trans-formative events that change the work environment, alter the pace, and provide a clear, fresh air perspective. Cruises at sea deliver outstanding opportunities for team building, friendship, and continual networking – at any hour, in spacious lounges and decks – with the unparalleled backdrop of the brilliant, open sea and shining stars.


Entertain, Engage and Enjoy

Music, Film, Art, Comedy, and any virtually every other type of festival can be expertly hosted on a cruise ship. It will boost attendance, elevate the engagement factor and provide a far more dramatic, engaging backdrop than land-based alternatives.

Pollin Group has in-depth experience hosting some of the best entertainment events at sea, including Wishbone Ash and Little Feet concert

Corporate Incentives

Motivate, Stimulate and Congratulate

When you really want to incentivize and motivate a group of employees or reps, nothing seems to work better than providing a unique travel experience – especially at sea.

Whether the objective is to significantly grow your company’s business, reach a challenging performance goal, or exceed sales expectations, outstanding employee achievements are best fueled and rewarded by an equally outstanding, unique experience.

Continuing Education

Learn, Laugh and Empower

Many professional associations have discovered that hosting continuing education programs with Pollin Group on cruise ships provides a one-of-a-kind, engaging learning environment for their members.

Seminars are scheduled for at-sea days, which in turn increases attendance, participation and networking. Educational opportunities can continue at multiple ports -of-call. There, participants have the opportunity to explore unique destinations, experience different cultures, and learn new skills.


Make Your Team Proud

What could be a better way for your organization to recognize success, loyalty or tenure than by providing a Caribbean getaway, an Alaskan Adventure or a European River Cruise!

Just take a moment and picture the impact: A getaway at sea, planned by Pollin Group, is the ultimate way of saying: “Thank You!”

Marketing Expertise

At Your Service

Our team of marketing specialists will work with you to design a customized marketing strategy to promote, communicate and engage all of your key attendees and related audiences before, during and after the cruise.

Pollin Group will create a dedicated, professional cruise webpage which will include your organization/group’s logo branding and details of the cruise and events. This webpage will be added to all marketing material, get the attention of your group and provide easy access to sign up for this great opportunity.

We’ll even create an attention-grabbing, dedicated webpage with your branding and logo, to generate interest in, and sign-up for, the fantastic opportunity presented by your upcoming cruise.

Further, as the cruise date approaches, Pollin Group will make certain that your travelers receive welcome packets aboard the ship, be kept informed of key developments throughout the cruise and be notified of welcome home information.   Participants can even use social media to share pictures, stories and experiences through specifically designed hashtags (#), all of which serves to reinforce your brand and the great value you have provided to the participants of your cruise.

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