Ship's Policies

& Procedures
Can items be shipped directly to port and placed on the ship?

Yes, and these items will need to clear customs so you will receive detailed instructions prior to your sailing date.

Are there certain rules and regulations for getting on and off the ship? Does this vary by port?

If the ship is docked, once the ship is cleared by customs, you must exit the ship by the specified time. If the ship has tendered to get to shore, you will need to get a tender ticket. Ship shore tours usually have first-priority. All guests will need a photo ID and their Sea pass (cruise card) to re-board the ship. Some ports may require visas to exit, but this will be communicated to you well before the trip.

What is the appropriate dress code for a cruise?

On board the ships, day dress is resort casual. There are one to three formal nights, depending on the length of the cruise, and the remainder of the nights are smart casual. For formal nights, you will need a cocktail dress for women, suit and tie – or tuxedo – for men. For the smart casual nights bring dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men. Please remember, t-shirts, and bathing suits are not considered appropriate attire in the dining rooms at dinner. We suggest you bring comfortable walking shoes for going to shore, and as the ship is air conditioned we suggest a light sweater. More details on dress will be in your cruise documents.

Is smoking allowed on the ship?

As a courtesy to all guests, all smoking must be done on designated areas of the ship. Smoking is never allowed in the meeting rooms or sleeping rooms.

I have been on a cruise before and know that it is sometimes difficult to disembark. Is there a way to make this easier for the group?

Guests who do the self-assist option will leave first. This involves the guests carrying their own luggage off the ship. Pollin Group can also request VIP debarkation, which will be the first guests off the ship after the self-assist.

Does the ship dock at each port?

That depends on the port. If the ship does not dock, it will provide transportation via tenders that will allow guests to go to shore.

How is security handled on the ship?

Pictures are taken when boarding the ship. Each time you exit the ship, the guard checks your Sea Pass (cruise card), and your picture will flash on the screen. You will also be required to show your identification to board the ship. Security officers are present throughout the ship.

What is someone gets sick on board?

All ships have a medical center with a doctor on-board who is available at an additional charge. Pollin Group recommends that guests purchase travel insurance.

Will I be able to call home? Do cell phones work at sea?

Ship-to-shore phone calls can be made from your cabins; however, the rates are very expensive. Family members can also contact the ship. The contact phone numbers can be found in the cruise documents. Cell phones work at sea, but the rates are based on international roaming.

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