Planning Your Event

In what types of cruises does Pollin Group specialize ?
  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Certification Training Conventions
  • Incentives (Recognition & Awards)
  • Continued Medical Education Development
  • Management Team Building
  • Training Seminars & Workshops
  • Festivals
  • Wellness Programs
What are the best cruise options for a meeting/event at sea?

Pollin Group will carefully review your specific objectives and criteria, notably the following elements:

  • Previous programs offered by the organization
  • Itinerary preferences
  • Size of group and profile of participants
  • Length of program desired
  • Meeting room requirements
  • Budget
Are cruise meetings/events cost-effective?

Cruise meetings and events are very cost-effective and popular. There are a variety of cruise lines, durations and itineraries to fit almost every budget.

Is there a charge for entertainment?

Most of the onboard entertainment is already included in the price of your cruise. However, there are some new premium entertainment options on certain ships that may have an extra charge.

What are the fees for Pollin Group's services?

Pollin Group services are complimentary when the meeting/event is booked with our organization. Pollin Group manages the entire process with and for you, from planning to reconciliation.

How far in advance should a meeting/event at sea be planned?

Because meetings and events at sea are very popular, a company should book well in advance. We will work with you to identify all of your meeting/event space needs. Based on these needs, we will provide you with the best cruise ship and itinerary options.

How do cruise meetings/events provide a unique and memorable experience?

Pollin Group specializes in customized, one-of-a-kind cruise events. We bring your ideas and plans to life. We also offer also unique activities, which include on ship networking events, private shore excursions, team building activities at ports of call and much more.

Can Pollin Group arrange air and ground transportation to and from the ship?

Yes, air and/or ground transportation may be booked with Pollin Group which provides guarantee if flights are delayed, the cruise line will be responsible for getting all guests to the ship.

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