Your Cruise
What information do you need me to provide? If so, by what deadline?
  • We would need to block the approximate number of cabins immediately. It is easier to cancel the cabins than add new ones if the ship is selling out.
  • We will also need to know, as soon as possible, meeting specs: number and length of meetings and number of attendees, as well as requested equipment.
  • Further, please advise of us of any cocktail parties or team building activities as soon as you know.
  • Finally, approximately 70 days prior to sailing, we will need the names, birthdates and citizenships of all participants.
Do you check the master billing statement the cruise line submits for payment? If so, do you handle questions regarding charges?

Pollin Group checks all invoices, balances and statements. We will be happy to answer all questions regarding the charges.

Do you handle gratuities for service people?

Gratuities are included in your corporate quotes.

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